NGO Startup Coaching Service

Do you want to start an NGO to change the world or you have a young NGO that you want to better manage and grow it? Our experienced professionals are ready to help you achieve just that through one-on-one coaching or group coaching/seminars.

Staff Training & Development

Does your NGO need training for its staff for better productivity? Do you want to better align your NGO’s talents to strategy for better organizational management and effective programme implementation? Our experienced training facilitators are ready to lead in-house training and external training seminars to meet your needs.

Organizational Development Services

Does your NGO need improvement in its internal systems and processes. Do you want to put in place an effective governance and management systems for effective operations? Our experienced NGO management consultants are improve operational systems for organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Media, PR & Communication Services

Communication is the life blood of every organization. Communication in NGOs are important in building relationship with stakeholders, including donors. Our development communication experts are able to help you improve your corporate communications, build a credible brand and attract favourable support from stakeholders such as donors, governments, volunteers, communities and your target beneficiaries among others.

Fundraising & Grant Application Support

Fundraising is the sustainability factor of every NGO just as sales is the success factor of every profit-making business. Do you want professional assistance in your fundraising and grant application process? Do you want to raise funds from donor NGOs, corporate bodies and individuals or you want to incorporate social enterprise mode to raise internally generated funds? We are ready to offer you professional services to achieve just that.

CSR Outsourcing Services

Corporate Social Responsibility transcends beyond annual ritualistic donation programme to a more integrated model that sustainably helps achieve the triple bottom line: People, Profit and Planet. Through our CSR Outsourcing Service, we help companies and corporate foundations to develop and implement a customized CSR programme that impacts people and protects the planet whilst building a compelling corporate brand for profitability.


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