General Objectives and Responsibilities Description for Ministry Operations Coordinator

This person’s ultimate responsibility is to the mission of OneHope internationally. Therefore, this Job Description is intended to offer a guideline of the general objectives and responsibilities of the position, with the understanding that other objectives will be assigned as necessary toward effective and efficient mission fulfillment:
“To affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world”

Position Overview: This individual works as part of the Ministry Operations team and is responsible to help strengthen and support OneHope’s world-wide operations support processes and diverse team to provide enhanced service fulfillment that is both sustainable and locally relevant. This involves being engaged in our ongoing enhancements and efficiencies of global processes and systems, along with personalized local ongoing training and mentorship of the support team. Furthermore, the position of Operations Coordinator is to ensure full accountability and stewardship of operations from planning to reporting. This position has principal responsibilities for the scope of operations in the region of West Africa.

Reporting: This person reports to their Regional Director and receives support from the Ministry Operations Team.
Status: It is a full-time position.

Objectives and Responsibilities:
Objective 1: Accurate and complete budgets and forecasts for West Africa programs.
This is achieved by, among others:
o Collaborates as part of the West Africa workgroup to complete proposed budget within deadline.
 Evaluates all known historical data and current activities, and offers expertise and analysis into future program plans and projections.
 Ensures an accurate and appropriate submission of budget by evaluating delivery timelines and schedules in consideration of global supply chain functionality and other considerations.
o Collaborates as part of the West Africa workgroup to complete forecasts of needed products or resources, and reports on same to all appropriate parties.
 Provides ongoing evaluation and analysis of activity toward goals, and provides recommendations for modification to projections.
 Coordinates with West Africa workgroup and national leadership to update forecasts monthly, or as needed.

Objective 2: All approved product requirements are satisfactorily produced and delivered to the destination within deadline.
This is achieved by, among others:
o Where applicable; develops and maintains healthy working relationships with printing and logistics vendors.
o Projects order initiation timeline based upon delivery requirements in collaboration with the Global Logistics Manager.
o Creates and submits the Purchase Order for manufacturing of product to the vendor.
o Monitors production progress, and other vendor deliverables, through regular communication with the vendor.
o Check and record quality of product, including (for printed product) paper, ink coverage, cutting and binding, packaging, and storage of product. Collaborate with Logistics Manager on response to any deficiencies.
o Where applicable; coordinates entirety of the shipping/logistics process, including creation and provision of forms needed for customs clearance.

Objective 3: Assets or equipment are requested, purchased and effectively managed, including a forecast for replacement and/or retirement.
This is achieved by, among others:
o Submit any asset or equipment requirements through the annual budgeting process.
o Collaborates with Ministry Operations team for requisition of approved asset or equipment purchase.
o Facilitates delivery of any assets or equipment within budget and within deadline.
o Forecasts for repairs, replacements and/or retirement of assets and components.
Objective 4: The West Africa region is on track to reach all approved reach goals and program activities All reported data of program activities for the region is accurate and complete.
This is achieved by, among others:
o Provides general oversight and analysis of the data supplied into HopeWorks.
 Monitors activity on the HopeWorks database, analyzes the data for any potential irregularities or gaps and compares data to approved reach goals
o Collaborates with all necessary parties to rectify data integrity concerns.

Objective 5: Facilitate all components of the financial resources for the West Africa region.
This is achieved by, among others:
o Submit requests for disbursements to each national office, program office, or other destination as necessitated by planning, evaluation and activities.
o Monitor and evaluate submitted expense reports, financial and accounting records, and other details for each program.
o Supports regular audits of the submitted reports and accounting systems.
o Train national teams and partners in accounting principles, protocols, and reporting.

Objective 6: Analysis and Reporting. Maintain reporting so through analysis of the (region) will be
effective in managing inventory and finances.
• Manage and analysis of Inventory Management
• Manage and analysis of Print Orders based on Inventory
• Activity Reports should be managed and analyzed to ensure Reach Stewardship.
• Provide reports to RD, GVPs and You on regular basis to ensure effective communication to changes in the region to Budget, Products, Print, Shipping, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Reach and Activity.
Performance measurements:
o Successful achievement of all Objectives, as stated above.
o Commitment to the global Mission, with high personal ownership of Mission.
o Must be beyond reproach in personal and professional integrity, honesty, and transparency.
o Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field (or comparable experience)
o Strong written & verbal communication in English. Other language proficiencies help.
o Strong working knowledge of computer programs, particularly Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Ability and willingness to learn and improve skills.
o Ability to manage and prioritize multiple deadlines effectively.
o Ability to work with limited on-site supervision.
o Ability to work in a complex, innovative, and rapidly changing environment.
o Ability to handle confidential information and conversations.
o Ability to work with delicate and important relationships.
o Excellent customer service orientation towards internal and external customers.
o Ability to work as part of a team with a variety of international representatives and staff with cultural and linguistic diversity.
o Ability to manage conflict.
Travel and Work Requirements: This position will require periodic travel (mostly international), and also occasional moderate to heavy lifting of products and organizational assets.

Compensation: Based on skills and working experience.

We’re looking for anyone from the following countries: Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
Qualified candidates should mail their applications:
Mariam Varghese <> or
With subject: Re: West Africa Operations Coordinator.
Closing Date: 18th August, 2017.


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