The program Parceria Civica para Boa Governação (PCBG) implemented by Counterpart International (CPI), with funds from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking to partner with local and national Mozambican Organizations/Associations to improve accountable and effective democratic governance by strengthening the impact of civic activism in Mozambique. CPI invites interested organizations to present concept papers in the program target sectors of: Basic Education, Health, Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change, Extractive Industry, Transparency and Accountable Governance.

CPI seeks applications that encourage policy dialogue between government and citizens as well as contribute to improvement in delivery of public services in the target sectors, with CSOs acting as facilitators, mediators, protectors, and advocates for citizen interests. CPI will partner with organizations that present innovative ways of supporting change and achieve policy results based on holistic and innovative approaches that combine a multi-sectoral perspective and are grounded within the needs of actual constituencies and that foster coalitions and build linkages among national and provincial level CSOs.

Subject to availability of funds, PCBG will award a total of 12 grants throughout the life of the project with a period of performance between 18-32 months. The awards will be made in accordance with evaluation procedures outlined in the full Annual Program Statement document.

To qualify, organizations must:

  • Be legally registered, formally constituted non-profit Mozambican entity with valid registration certificate.
  • Organizations that are in good standing with appropriate Mozambican and International Law including terrorism regulations as defined by the United States and United Nations.
  • Only concept notes that address the defined geographical scope and thematic areas listed in the APS will be accepted.

Organizations will be asked to contribute monetary and/or in-kind (henceforth called cost share) from non-US federal sources to cover the project costs, which will be built into the sub-grant agreements.

Concept notes will be accepted on a rolling basis until November 24, 2017 or until funding is no longer available.

To apply, visit and download detail application information.


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