STAR-Ghana is a five-year (2015 – 2020) voice and empowerment programme supported by UK Aid, the European Union and DANIDA.  Its purpose is to support the development of a civil society and citizenry capable of influencing change which will lead to improved inclusive access to high quality, responsive service delivery in Ghana. Its strategic approach is focused on supporting the creation, utilisation and institutionalisation of spaces for collective engagement, within civil society and between civil society and other actors, as a means of increasing the accountability and responsiveness of the executive and key state institutions at both local and national levels.

The Anti-Corruption Call
National corruption surveys in recent years point to a significant deterioration in citizens’ perceptions of corruption Ghana. Corruption is a barrier to the achievement of gender equality and social inclusion.  Corruption has the greatest impact on the most marginalised and most vulnerable in society. It marginalises those living in poverty by putting goods and services further out of their reach and consequently leaves them lagging even further behind in economic, social and political development.  Tackling corruption is therefore essential if Ghana is to achieve sustainable and equitable growth.

The Three Components of the Anti-Corruption Call

1. Strategic Influencing component: GHC 700,000
This component will support national level CSOs with capacity to do strategic level policy influencing to implement projects aimed at addressing systemic constraints at the policy levels. This project will have a maximum duration of 24 months and a grant fund support not exceeding GHC 700,000.00.

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2. Innovative Alliances component: up to GHC 750,000
This component, based on learning from anti-corruption work in Ghana, will seek to incentivise innovative collaboration amongst CSOs and between CSOs and other stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of anti-corruption actions. This project will have a maximum duration of 24 months and a grant fund support not exceeding GHC 750,000.00.

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3. Small Grants component: up to GHC 200,000
The Small grants component will support anti-corruption actions at the district and local levels, enabling citizens address locally salient corruption issues, particularly in accessing quality social services. It will particularly focus on corruption as it affects GESI groups, as defined in STAR-Ghana’s GESI strategy. This project will have a maximum duration of 12 months and a grant fund support not exceeding GHC 200,000.00.

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Closing: 4th December 2017.



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